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Welcome to the Discount Voucher Letter-Writing Tool. This service helps consumers prepare complaint letters to companies that sell discount vouchers (Groupon, Living Social, and dozens more).

There are myriad opportunities for tension or miscommunication when a voucher service stands between consumer and merchant. Prepayment increases these problems: If a consumer ends up dissatisfied with a merchant, the consumer cannot withhold payment since the consumer has paid in advance. Resolving such problems requires understanding applicable state law -- knowledge that most consumers do not have. Our goal is to share the relevant information to help consumers get the benefits of applicable legal protections.

For further analysis of these issues, see our recent Consumer Protection in Online Discount Voucher Sales.

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Your Letter Is Your Own

Feel free to use this tool to write to voucher services to request resolution of any problems you face. The resulting texts are just letters, not legal filings. And we won't send the emails on your behalf; you must copy the text into your email program and send the email yourself. Our letters are certainly no substitute for the services of an attorney, but we can at least alert you to the relevant laws we have identified.

We encourage you to customize the letter you prepare. We claim no copyright in the resulting draft; you are free to use or modify the text however you see fit. However, we ask you to read the draft carefully, revise it as appropriate, and send it only if it truly captures your views.

As a condition of using our tool, you agree to conduct your own independent examination of any laws we bring to your attention.

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